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Buyer and Consumer Topic 5 Q4 Review the "Facebook Forward: Conscious Capitalists Weigh In on the Social Network Giant" topic Resources.

According to Timothy Henry, Co-CEO and managing partner of the global consulting and leadership firm, BRIDGE, and a cofounder and trustee of Conscious Capitalism, Facebook needs to better align its purpose with its business model and with a stakeholder orientation. “If the current business model allows for unintended consequences that impact communities with false or misleading information, then it needs to look very closely at how it gets better alignment between customer interests [as stakeholders]and the societies/communities in which it operates [also a stakeholder]to ensure that there is not manipulation of the information that is ‘published’ on its platform,” he said.

Discuss your thoughts on this idea. Do you agree or disagree with Timothy Henry’s comments? Explain why. In replies to peers, discuss whether you disagree with their ideas or not and justify your responses.