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Type of Paper: Research paper

Academic Level: High school

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Compare and Contrast "Colosseum vs. Parthenon" art history. Specifics needed on what similarities and what differences. THE DESIGN, PROCESS OF CONSTRUCTION, FUNCTION/PURPOSE, OVERALL MYSTERY OF THE FORM ITSELF. 5-pages minimum for essay writing. This does not include title page, works cited (citations), or images. Pages must be numbered consecutively. Page one begins one the page following title page. Use indented paragraphs. Do not drop a line between paragraphs. Works Cited includes minimum of 5 resources, NO WIKIPEDIA—TWO must be eBooks. Information of the artwork , the design, process of construction, function/purpose, and overall mystery of the form itself . Include specific and necessary details of the works physical qualities, the intention and other information relating to the creation. Clearly state the relationship between the topic and the chosen artworks. Keep in mind: Physical Properties, Formal Analysis, Subject Matter/ Symbolism and Context—Paper contained a significant amount of personal criticism and reflection. Were scholarly, in-depth and included proper amount of information to defend criticisms and reflections.