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1- Using Oliver Sacks' method of investigation, perform an analysis of R.P. McMurphy from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.” In that analysis, you should answer the following questions: Would you consider him to be “normal”? Does he have anything mentally wrong with him? Is he comparable to any of the other patients Sacks describes in his book? Is he a patient or a subject? What does the future hold for him [if we didn't know already.]

2- Pick one “patient” Sacks discusses in “The Anthropologist from Mars” and put them under the care of Nurse Ratched. Once you've picked a person and have written a short description of them, answer the following questions: Do you think they would cause a ruckus on the ward? Is there anyone on the ward that they could relate to? If so, why? Do you think they would be committed or voluntary? Chronic or Acute? When do you believe they would be able to leave?

3- Pick one moment in history from “After the Fact” and discuss what else could have been done to “find out the truth.” In that process, answer the following questions: “What is wrong with the interpretations of this moment that were given in “After the Fact?” Is there anything you would have done differently if you were the historian? Do you feel more comfortable now, knowing what really went on in the situation, or would have rather been left in the dark?

*You can pick one question to write!!!