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Discipline: Nursing

Type of Paper: Project

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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ssessment: HLTINF003 Project
Good attempt with this assignment, however there is some feedback requiring attention for this assessment:

Not Yet Satisfactory:
Project 1-
Your report must cover the following topics - you may find it easier to list the question and answer to ensure you cover the required information.
You must identify 1 strength, and 3 recommendations for each.
What the current policy and procedures are
How is information on the approach to infection control maintained and updated?
What is the approach for implementing infection control into work practices – provide two examples and explain the process/components involved in the implementation.
How is infection control monitored and improved? What is the data collected? How is staff feedback gained? How is it used? Provide at least one example of where a procedure has been improved through monitoring.
Please ensure you attach evidence to demonstrate you have performed each of these. Your report refers to a hospital? Please confirm which dental practice you have completed the research in here.

Project 2 -
Step 1-
Please upload copies of the policies and procedures you have researched in your dental practice.
• Hand hygiene and hand care
• Use of personal protective equipment
• Surface cleaning
• Waste management
• Handling of potentially infectious material
• Hazard identification and risk assessment and management

Step 2-
1.Jenny Sunner, Manager
2.Helen Baumann, Assistant Manager
3.Dawn Payne, Dental Assistant
4.Bronte Dawson, Dental Assistant
5.Eri McSwan, Dental Assistant
6.Oriana Slinn, Dental Assistant
7. Ella Borghero, Reception
8. Kanwara Kunphetcharachot, Student dental assistant (Present)
(Ella Borghero, Recorded the minutes)

Please submit the attendance sheet signed by ALL your attendees. Please submit a feedback form completed by ALL attendees.

Step 3 -
This should be a report written by YOU! Your report here refers to you in the third person. It should be based on your training session.

Statements such as -
As we heard in the previous module, competency-based training should be provided to healthcare personnel to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively perform tasks specific to their role.
** What previous module? competency-based training? It seems this statement may be lifted from another resource?

All area of KPI:
Knowledge of the subject matter, Ability to explain and illustrate concepts, Ability to answer questions completely, the usefulness of the information received in training, The pace of the training session(s), The usefulness of the training materials, Was this training appropriate for your level of experience? All areas were excellent and satisfied.
** What concepts are they illustrating? What questions are you referring to? What training materials?

In your resubmission please confirm which Dental Practice you are working at. If you are not currently working at a dental practice, please let us know.

What to do now:
Good attempt on this assignment. Please address the feedback in the not yet satisfactory section above and resubmit this assignment.
Please correct your answers in the attached original file. Please don't delete any of your previous answers - write your revised answers in a new colour under the previous answer.
For additional attempts on this assessment, contact your faculty by phone using the number provided in the “Contact” section on My eCampus.