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Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Student Instructions:

Part I of your discussion board post for this module should begin with a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of the reading(s), properly cited, but you should not spend more than a paragraph of your post summarizing, as the real-life application of the material is as important as your summary. Please leave one line as a section break between the summary and part II of the discussion board post.

For this module, you should navigate to the scholarly journal database located at http://www.twu.edu/library/ and use either the TWUniversal Search or one of the journal archives like JSTOR or Academic Search Complete to find a scholarly journal article that is related to the module’s topic (the more recent, the better). After providing the link and full citation, compare and contrast or analyze the information contained within the article and the information contained in the textbook.

Often, scholarly journal articles will be an application of one specific aspect related to a broader topic, so there are many ways to approach this assignment. If the textbook contains a significant amount of statistics about a topic, you could search for a qualitative research article that talks about the same information in a different way, such as interviews or focus groups. Another approach might be to find an article that talks about the most interesting or significant facet of the module’s topic for you, and use that article to inform your classmates of the nuances about the topic that the textbook did not include. One final suggestion on how to approach this assignment might be to discover how the module’s topic (organized crime, for example) applies to specific populations (women, for example).