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Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: MLA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


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Midterm Essay Proposal:

Submit a Midterm Proposal via dropbox by the date specified in the course calendar. A proposal is a first draft of what you INTEND to do. It is not separate from the final essay. You should build your final draft of the Midterm Essay FROM what you did on your Midterm Proposal.

Read Carefully: Your proposal must identify your topic, give a good introduction of its importance, and provide a detailed Midterm Essay outline. Take the following into consideration. How will you organize your essay? What do you plan to say in your introduction? As a tip- I always write my introduction last....as you never know where you are "going" in an essay until you "get there". Include a draft of your thesis statement here.

Next, what are your main points for this essay? How will you organize your main points into body paragraphs? Where do you sources fit in? How will you use your required academic journal articles? Will you need any supplemental sources such as webpages? Do you need to do any background research first to better understand your topic?

Last, who cares? Consider this question in crafting your conclusion. What do you want your take-away to be for your reader? Why is your topic important or relevant today?

Consider the Midterm Essay Proposal assignment to be the first draft of your final Midterm Essay. It ensures that you are on the right track. As such, you are not being asked to start fresh for the Midterm Essay. Build on your proposal, and incorporate your feedback then move forward to crafting your final document.

Your Midterm Essay Proposal should be roughly 300 original words separate from your Works Cited page listing in MLA format of the 3 academic journal articles as primary sources and any supplemental sources you will use.

Please be KNOWLEDGEABLE about your topic PRIOR to submitting your proposal.