The Supply Chain

Discipline: Logistics

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


Unit 2 Assignment: The Supply Chain

This assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following Outcomes:

MT433-1: Discuss the significance of supply chain management in a global organization.

GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

In this assignment, you are going to analyze the supply strategy of an organization. Preferably, you will select the organization where you currently work or one where you previously worked. If this is not possible, you may select a well-known company on which you will be able to gather significant supply chain information.

However, if you need to choose this route, you must communicate with your instructor through email first- explain why you are not able to use your personal work experience and propose a company on which you will write your paper. Your instructor will let you know how to proceed. You need to do this early in the week so you have time to agree on a company. Failing to do this on time is not an excuse for submitting your assignment late, or using a company without approval.

In order to complete this assignment, you may need to first collect information from your organization. Start this process early in the week so to ensure you have all the information you need.

When a firm, its customers, and its suppliers all know each other’s future plans and are willing to work together, the planning process is easier and much more productive in terms of cost savings, quality improvements, and service enhancements. The first step in making this integration a reality is to recognize the importance of supply chain management and locate your organization in its supply chain.


For this assignment, analyze the supply strategy of your organization.

Describe your organization: What do they do, who are their primary competitors, what is your position within the organization.

Describe your organization’s position in the global supply chain.

a. For its primary product line, describe the supply chain from the beginning to the end. Create a diagram similar to figure 1.1 and explain. Make sure to describe all participants and their roles, from the beginning to the end. Note the countries in which each participant is located.

b. Conclude by explaining the significance of supply chain management for your organization’s success. How has supply chain management impacted your operations?

How does the purchasing function in your organization select suppliers? Discuss the factors on pg. 58 with a purchasing professional and ask them to order these factors from most to least important. Then, provide details on the top three ranked factors by explaining why they are a top priority for your organization. If any of your suppliers are international, are any special factors considered?
Respond using the critical elements below:

Compose your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style, and mechanics.
Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, following the prescribed format and citing your sources using the current APA guidelines.
Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.
Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.
Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.