Summary of Cardiovascular and Respiratory During Exercise

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This week we examined the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how they respond to an acute bout of exercise. To summarize this information of how each changes from rest to low-, moderate- and high-intensity exercise. In addition, included normal values with their units of measurement for a healthy, normal weight 40-year old man or woman. Summarize the information in the chart and describe how it relates to exercise. Finally, please include citations for the information you share.

Rest to Low-Intensity Exercise Low-to Moderate-Intensity Exercise Moderate- to High-Intensity Exercise
Heart Rate

60 bpm at rest

90 bpm at low


80 bpm at low

120 bpm at moderate


120 bpm at moderate

170 bpm at high

Stroke Volume

Cardiac Output

Systolic BP

Diastolic BP

Minute Ventilation

Frequency of Breathing

Tidal Volume

ATTACHED IS THE GRAPH FOr Information Need Summarized and sources