Rising Costs of Goods due to Global Consumption and the effects on Supply Chain Management

Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Other

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 4 Words: 1100


write a mini-concept paper. The mini-concept paper is similar to a concept paper that one would do for a project proposal. The paper should include the following elements in order:

• Introduction
• Problem Statement (Use attached as needed and add a source)- this does not count in the four pages
• Conceptual/Theoretical Framework & Diagram (Use attach and add in paper)- this does not count in the four pages
• Research Paradigm
• Purpose Statement
• Significance of the Study
• Research questions (3 questions either quantitative)
• Hypotheses if appropriate (quantitative studies only)
• Chosen Method (Fixed) with rationale
• Chosen Design (Quantitative) with rationale
• Chosen Design Method (Case Study) with rationale
• Summary

This is a narrative assignment and should be written with the proper APA headings and subheadings. Remember, there must be context, so these items should not be listed merely in bullet form. This assignment requires a title page and a reference page There should be a minimum of 12 sources and needs to be written in proper APA format. The total length of the assignment will be four pages. Each area needs to have at least one peer reviewed journal article as reference. All references must have DOI in the reference area.