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Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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Respond to the following:

( Make sure to use in-text citations from the book Alvarez, A., Bachman, R. (2021). Violence: The Enduring Problem (4th ed.). Sage Publishing)

In the final chapter of our text, we addressed both criminal justice and public health responses to crime prevention. The criminal justice response tends to focus on preventing existing crime (neighborhood watches/security systems) or addressing it after it happens (deterrence and punishment/re-entry and rehabilitation programs). These tend to focus on individuals. As our text points out most policymakers, practitioners, and researchers now agree that the best way to combat violence in U.S. society would be through prevention rather than intervention strategies. The “violence as a public health problem” response is preventative by focusing on a macrolevel, multilevel, and community-wide factors that influence violence. It seeks to address crime before it happens and lessen or prevent it. Please discuss this approach including factors of primary and secondary prevention and their strategies. From this perspective what strategies and/or programs (found in the text OR in your outside research) are most beneficial for crime prevention? Please include a generally focused strategy (works on crime in general) and one program specific to a certain type of crime (DUI abatement, school violence, etc.). Please present information and research (not opinions) to support your conclusion.