MacroEconomics Inside Job

Discipline: Economics

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: MLA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


I put it down for 825 BUT I only need 600 in the body of the essay so there's no need for 825. If you can just get it to just over 600 words then I am perfectly content.

Upon viewing the Inside Job documentary in class today, please compose a short essay by answering the following questions in a meaningful manner:

Q1: How did the global economic crisis of 2008 begin?
Q2: According to the film, was the crisis avoidable?
Q3: How does the information presented in the documentary relate to the material that we have studied in the course so far?

Include examples from the film to support your paper of 600 words minimum and to receive full credit for the assignment.

Please follow the guidelines below for submitting your paper:

1. Write the short essay in MLA format.

2. Name your document file by adhering to this specific structure:
i.e., John Smith will name his Discussion Topic 2 document as: smithj_DT2.doc
or smithj_DT2.docx

This is the video:

I'm attaching just the summary sections of the textbook. Hope this helps too.