M08 Analysis Paper - Movie Analysis

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Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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Step 1

The first step in this assignment is selecting a movie/film to analyze based on concepts in Interpersonal Communication. One season of a television show will also work for this assignment, but going beyond one season is likely too much.
Step 2

Once you have your film selected, you should answer the following questions based on that movie. Be sure to completely answer each part of the question. You should explain this well enough that your professor does not even need to watch the film to understand the concepts you are referencing.

Start with a one paragraph general overview of the film, then respond to the following:

You have analyzed the characteristics of a competent communicator. Which character in this film do you think is the most competent communicator based on the traits we discussed? Why?
As you learned in this course, culture and gender have a big impact on the way we communicate. What are some of the culture and gender differences that effect interpersonal communication in the movie? Provide at least two for culture and two for gender.
Perception influences every aspect of communication. Explain how the main character’s perceptions likely affect their relationships. Then explain how your own perception influences the way you view the movie.
As we know, language is a big factor in interpersonal communication. Give at least 3 examples of language use in the movie between some of the main characters.
While language is important, we also know that nonverbal communication plays a major role in how we communicate (content vs. relational message). There are likely many facial expressions in the movie, among other nonverbal expressions, that say a lot more than words. Give at least 3 examples of nonverbal communication in the movie.
How does listening impact the way the characters in the movie relate to one another? Give at least two examples.
How do the main characters portray their emotions? Give three examples.
As we know, conflict and power are a big part of our interaction with others. Give two examples of how conflict and/or power were displayed in the movie.
The communication climate is another important aspect to consider when analyzing a communication situation. Explain one example of a supportive communication climate in the film. Also describe one example of a defensive climate.
Your choice – select any other aspect of Interpersonal Communication that has not already been discussed in the questions above and explain how it relates to the movie. For example, you could talk about some of the later chapters in the text. How is social exchange theory evident in the film? In what ways are Knapp’s Relational Stages portrayed? Pick out anything else you'd like to (that hasn't been mentioned already in the first nine questions).

Submission Expectations

Use standard APA formatting for this assignment (12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman type, one-inch margins, cover page, etc.) There is no required length, but responses need to answer the questions fully, including details/examples from the movie/film, and demonstrate that you understand the material covered overall in class and can relate it to the film.You should include specific details and examples. Be sure to list the answers below the questions, so do NOT write this in essay format. Make sure all of the work is original work, as this will be checked through Turnitin.

Turnitin is used for the reflections to detect any similarities to past Turnitin submissions. Once you submit your work, please look at the report that comes up, and make changes accordingly. The higher the percentage, the greater the amount of text in the submission that was highlighted as matching against information in Turnitin’s repositories.

blue (no matching words)
green (one matching word - 24% similarity index)
yellow (25-49% similarity)
orange (50-74% similarity)
red (75-100% similarity)