Lorreto Hospital In Chicago, Illinois

Discipline: Health Care

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


o Includes sufficient background on hospital, community, and leverages research (CHNA, other publicly available documents) to support content
o Innovative proposal is well thought out.
o Addresses key health / SDoH concerns within the community served by the organization.
o Includes considerations for partnerships, community engagement
o Leverages key concepts covered in class.

• Description of the organization and its services
• Using external sources such as those found from the US Census Bureau, local governments, Chambers of Commerce, state and local health departments, and more develop a detailed description of the community/market served by this facility
o Demographics
o Geography
o Socioeconomics
o Other community services organizations operating in the area
o Other relevant information
• In creating market assessment be sure to use the latest available data to offer a ‘true’ picture of the environment
o Highlight trends or changes observed over the last 5 and 10 years, as well as any predictions for changes in the coming years (to the best of your ability)
o What are the prevalent health concerns?
o What resources (medical, community-based) are available? Are these resources accessible?
• Obtain the latest CHNA and CBR for the organization, review it and offer a summary of the identified areas of need and the organizations plans to address those
• Utilizing the aforementioned description of the community/market, identify:
o Areas of focus for community benefits activities
o Any potential gaps or opportunities for consideration in future planning
• As part of the final assessment highlight/recommend other potential organizations the facility may wish to consider partnering with for future community benefit activities
• Your project should also include the development of one equity-focused intervention to address one or more of the gaps/opportunities you identified through your assessment. The following criteria should be included in your intervention:
o Idea (i.e. what do you plan to implement?)
o Justification/rationale (i.e. why is this necessary?)
o Success metrics (i.e. how will you quantify success?)
o Resources required (i.e. what kind of funding or support do you need?)
o Implementation plan (how will you implement the project?)

Answer each of those questions based off the attached materials!
Include Plaigarism Report!