invasive,exotic species and control methods

Discipline: Environmental studies and Forestry

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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You may use this website to identify a species that can be used for this discussion:

Choose an invasive, exotic organism that is found in Florida that was introduced to Florida through natural or artificial means. Plants and animals, land based, freshwater or marine organisms may be used. Organisms must be a species that is established as a reproducing species to be discussed. Tell us about the (1) introduction and spread of the organism in the state, (2) its impacts on native plants and/or animals, (3) any control or irradication efforts that are occurring.

Watch this video about Burmese python control in the Everglades.

(4) Discuss the ethical questions and controversies involved in controlling the spread of nonnative plants vs. animals.

(5) Would the type of animal (insect, fish, reptile, bird, mammal) play a role in determining an appropriate, ethical control method?