Intimate Partner Violence, two articles based on the outline that attached to additional materials

Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Article

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 9 Words: 2475



************* Your magazine should contain the following components:********
******************** STRUCTURE ***************************
1- Compelling title
2- Table of contents
3- An introduction explaining the theme and the contents (minimum 2 pages/ 500 words)
4- Two short researched articles are written by you (minimum 3 pages/ 750 words each, for a total of 6 pages/ 1,500 words)
5- Conclusion includes five future-oriented questions for readers to consider (minimum 2 pages/ 500 words)
6- References
7- Make sure the last two pages are the conclusion, the conclusion does not match with the introduction. The conclusion must be different than the introduction. THANK YOU

********************** INSTRUCTIONS *************************

Successful magazine submissions will:

1- Introduce the paper and conclude effectively
2- Contain an argument/question about the theme you have selected and the issues you have chosen to demonstrate that argument (just reporting about a topic is not sufficient)
3- Provide a complete response to the theme you have chosen through the articles you write.
4- Express your argument clearly and persuasively.
5- Provide adequate supporting arguments, evidence, examples, and details to demonstrate your argument.
6- Demonstrate effective organization.
7- Use appropriate and direct language.
8- Acknowledge sources for information and ideas not your own through citations and references.
9- Use proper grammar, spelling, paragraph construction, and format.
10- Demonstrate originality and creativity.

********** HOW YOU SUBMIT IT ******************

1- The magazine must be a total of 10 typed, double-spaced pages in APA format (no abstract required).
2- Use a maximum of 12 point font size and 1-inch margins all around. Those who do not follow style guidelines and page minimums will only receive partial points.
3- Make use of at least 6 library scholarly books and articles
(not including the assigned text), and if you wish you can use a limited number of credible internet sources.
4- Your arguments should not be based primarily on internet or magazine article sources. Avoid magazine sources altogether unless there is an example of the research you are discussing.
5- You must use references whenever you refer to someone else's ideas and you should be referring to research frequently.