Internet and Society

Discipline: Sociology

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 4 Words: 1100


For this assignment you need to provide the following:

Topic: You should type your topic in a word document, as well as one or two sentences specifically identifying what you want to research for your paper. There are numerous ways of approaching any topic, so these descriptive topical sentences should help me steer you in the right direction for your critical writing assignment.
You should also list any course readings you are planning to use in ASA format.
You should list your FIVE (5) additional sources in ASA format. The purpose of turning in your topic and sources early is to provide me with an opportunity to review the sources and ensure they are accurate and appropriate for the course. A wide variety of scholarly work will be acceptable, but the key will be finding the proper scholarly and peer-reviewed work. All sources in a references section should be alphabetized by the author's last name.
You should include a brief outline of the structure of your paper, including major points you wish to make.

The following are the instructions for the overall paper worth 150 points.

For the writing assignment in this course, you should write a 4-6-page essay in which you critically review the literature related to one aspect of your chosen topic using no fewer than 5 (FIVE) additional scholarly journal articles from the TWU Library website. You may use readings from this course as part of your essay, but you must use the FIVE additional scholarly sources in addition to whichever course readings you wish to include. Newspapers, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Facebook, Buzzfeed articles, and all other non-scholarly sources are strictly prohibited.

The writing assignment in this course is considered formal writing – this means that I expect you to do all of the following: Write with purpose. Each sentence should contribute to your overall writing (no fillers like very very very very interesting). Additionally, you should use the same glossary of terms that the readings’ authors use; do not make up your own descriptors or tell the reader “Basically…” Your tone should be literal and formal using proper English spelling and grammar. Do not use clichés, text speak (e.g. ROFL), emoji, non-text characters, or non-scholarly sources. You should write in paragraphs that are organized to fit together. You should use ASA-style citations and references for every formal writing assignment.