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Academic Level: High school

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1. Give an example of a country with a macrosystem that is different from the one where you grew up. Explain how that difference would likely impact your development.

2. What is a reaction range? Provide an example to illustrate.

3. Consider two American women of similar ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds: one who gave birth in the 1950s and the other who gave birth in the 1970s. Which one would be more likely to have breast-fed their baby?
Explain why. Briefly explain breast-feeding trends in the U.S. from the 1980s until today.

4. What are two variables that correlate with breast-feeding in developed countries?

5. Current research suggests that the claim that "early attachments are the foundation of later love relationships" was overstated. Which of the four attachment types is most predictive of later outcomes? Name one outcome.

6. Define and give an example of scaffolding.

7. What are two reasons for the increase in emotional regulation that occurs in toddlerhood?

8. Compare and contrast the outcomes for children of authoritative parents versus those of authoritarian parents based on research with White, middle-class families. Provide a rationale for why parents' behavior influenced their children in these ways.

9 . Sam buys a hollow, plastic rock where he plans to hide his spare key. He puts it near several other rocks by the door and calls to his two children, a 3-year-old and a 6 ½-year-old. He said he was gardening and found something under the rock and asks them to guess. One says a worm and the other says some ants. Then, he lifts it up and shows them that it's hollow and actually contained the house key. Then he asks where a robber, who has not been shown what is under the plastic rock, would look for the key to the house. How do you think each child would answer? Explain.

10. What are two explanations for the inability to remember anything before age 2?