Global mobility podcast

Discipline: Other

Type of Paper: Other

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


You will write the podcast script and I will use it to record my podcast, so please make sure it sounds casual and free flowing. The podcast will detail a reflection about your learning about teaching in another culture. Drawing upon critical incidents that occurred during your cross-cultural engagement with your cultural mentor and the learnings in online sessions, you will reflect on the effectiveness of your experiences and the learning activities , as well as the challenges. You will articulate your insights about the similarities and differences in the education sector that you experienced and compare your learning to your professional goals identified previously in Assessment 1. In your podcast you will discuss your development as a teacher because of the experience. The podcast should last for between 12-15 minutes. (You can make these up, I hardly attended so also talk about how you missed some of the mentor sessions).
*I have to submit this script also