Global and Online Marketing Strategy

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Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

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Assignment Content

Utilize the same product/service that your team chose for Wk 3.

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker's notes, illustrating your cross-cultural, Internet, mobile, and social media marketing strategy:

Include the following in your presentation:

Choose a country where you will introduce your product/service after introducing it in the United States.
Review how you will incorporate at least four of the following international considerations into your decision to enter this country:
Is the geographic area you selected homogeneous or heterogeneous with respect to culture?
What needs can this product/service or a version of it fill in this country's culture?
Can enough of the people needing the product/service afford it in this country?
What values or patterns of values are relevant to purchase and use of the product/service in this country?
What are the distribution, political, and legal structures for the product/service in this country?
In what ways can we communicate about the product/service in this country?
What are the ethical implications of marketing this product/service in this country?
Develop a strategy to initiate and maintain an online community and social network in this country. Be careful - if you pick a social network, make sure it's available/used in the country you selected.
Choose one specific online network site (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), and discuss how you will interact with consumers with this network site in this country. Again, make sure this site is used/available in this country.
List the different methods that will be a part of your online marketing strategy to drive your information to consumers, as well as drive consumers to your information in this country. Why did you choose these methods?
Discuss how mobile search will be a part of your overall marketing strategy for this country. Based on a recent study of mobile phone users by Experian (p. 532 in textbook), five segments of mobile phone users exist: (1) Mobirati, (2) Mobile Professionals, (3) Social Connectors, (4) Pragmatic Adopters, and (5) Basic Planners. How will you use these segments and their characteristics in information search and purchase?
Develop a strategy for managing your online word-of-mouth in this country. How will you initiate and gather word-of-mouth for your product/service?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Please use, and list, references.