Generational Work Expectations

Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: Master's

Paper Format: APA

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Chapter 10 addresses employee attitudes, beliefs, and differing cultures, as well as suggests that an increase in job performance is reliant on job satisfaction. The authors of our text suggest that highly satisfying jobs are more complex, requiring the worker to utilize a variety of skills and to deal with unpredictable situations (i.e. teaching, managing, engineering, etc.), unlike jobs where the work is repetitive and less thought-provoking (general laborers, factory workers, and the like). However, complex jobs, often include diverse employees. In addition, the work and life-balance expectations are suggested to differ based on generations, which may likely also affect job satisfaction as well as working effectively as a team. For this discussion:

Identify the generation you fall into, based on the text:

Generation X

Consider your own expectations and beliefs. Do they align with what our content suggests about the characteristics of your identified generational group?

Research one generation that differs from your identification and share some of the events that have shaped this generation, including their beliefs and behaviors.

Discuss the relationship between events within your generation versus your researched generation.

How might these events, that have developed our ideologies, affect a work environment that includes both generations?

Identify one generation that could potentially be more difficult for someone in your identified generation to effectively work with.

What variables may create this challenge (e.g. communication style, wellness, life balance, etc.)?

How does an increase in awareness, of the factors that affect what differing generations believe, positively support a healthy and productive work environment?

You must use at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed source that was published within the past five years.