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Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


The fear of victimization perpetuated by the media?

Most Americans do not have direct experience with the criminal justice system. Instead, the images of crime that they are aware of are partially generated by mass media outlets. Explain how the media portrays crime and how that portrayal can influence the masses; while also answering the following questions.

Please consider these questions when completing your discussion post:

1- What is the main source of information for society in regards to crime?
2- Does that source influence the masses positively or negatively? And why?
3- In what ways do media outlets support or dispel rape myths and victim-blaming?
4- How is this related to help-seeking behavior, official reporting, and revictimization?
5- Finally, what are other sources we can use to be informed? Give examples.