Follow the paper instruction please.

Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


The discussion component is an important part of your grade, so please take care to give this part of the class sufficient consideration and effort.

Remember accuracy is important. Emoticons and acronyms should be avoided and no creative spelling should be used. Proof-read your posts, as you will be graded on accuracy as well as content. In your original discussion post, I require that you cite at least two pieces of concrete evidence. This means that you need to cite, at least twice, from a source in this class: the textbook, media shared and articles included. I require this because I want your discussions to be based in evidence – I want your responses to be substantive. Further, this is a 400-level course where we are reading, writing, and thinking about research in a concrete manner. When asked to support your positions, please cite correctly to avoid plagiarizing and to receive full credit. This means not including direct, or long direct quotes which is not proper APA. Proper citations are paraphrased information with a reference to the author at the end of the sentence or paragraph. Paraphrasing information into your own words indicates comprehension and understanding of concepts, and direct quotes do not. Please use paragraphs. Please remain primarily in the third (and not first) person for original posts. All academic writing takes place in the third person. All original posts should be at least 500 words in length—keep in mind this is a minimum and it will likely take more than this to adequately answer the question. For more information on writing and proper APA please see the two tutorials below. Please see the grading matrix as well.

****************Respond to the following:**********************

Please discuss the psychological and sociological explanations of violence. There tend to be combinations of these at work. Based on research which explanations (specific ones, not just the category) do you see as most influential?

REMEMBER – This is not an opinion-only based assignment, it is a research-based discussion where applying course material to support your points is required. Make sure all arguments for each part include references to course materials and credible sources to support your conclusions. If you include only personal opinions and anecdotes in lieu of research-based material this will result in a point loss as they cannot and will not be graded.