Evaluation Protocols

Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Other

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


Research all of the following evaluative protocols that might be used by an I/O psychologist or manager to assess an employee’s performance.
A peer evaluation
An observational evaluation
A subordinate evaluation
A 360° appraisal

For each part of the assignment, include the following using the W2 Assignment Jeopardy template Download W2 Assignment Jeopardy template:

Create 3 “Jeopardy statements” that would align with each type of evaluation. (You will have 12 hints.)
Example: This type of evaluation would be used to learn co-workers’ perspectives about Sam’s work habits. (Do not use this example exactly.)
If you are having difficulty, be sure to watch the video explanation (above) and reach out to your instructor.
Next, analyze the possibility of bias that may occur when using each of the assessments/evaluations.
Use your resources rather than what you believe to be true about each method.
Lastly, identify at least two strengths and at least two weaknesses of the assessments based on your research. (Remember to cite your sources. This may be your text or other credible articles or websites.)
The Evaluation Protocols assignment
Must utilize the provided W2 Assignment Jeopardy template Download W2 Assignment Jeopardy template.
Does not require a title page.
Does not require an introduction and conclusion paragraph.