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Hewlett-Packard Company: Network Printer Design for Universality
Postponement is a great example of a push-pull strategy, or delayed differentiation in product design. A corporation designs the product and the manufacturing process so that decisions regarding which exact product is being created can be postponed for as long as possible. When demand is identified, the manufacturing process begins with the production of a generic product, which is then differentiated to a specific end-product. Forecasts are more accurate and inventory levels are decreased since demand for the generic product is an aggregate of demand for all its corresponding end-products (Simchi-Levi et al., 2021).
In what way is a universal power supply a postponement strategy?

Customer demands are increasing, cost pressures are expanding, and the business climate is continually changing, compelling supply chains to find ways to increase efficiency while remaining adaptable to changes in the global marketplace (Jabbarzadeh et al., 2019). HewlettPackard will be able to postpone the printer engine specification by at least two months
throughout the design phase if a universal power source is chosen. Previously, the main engine of printers in North America and Europe required different power sources and fusers. North American printers required a 110-volt power supply, whereas European printers required a 220-volt power supply. Hewlett-Packard 's Japanese partners manufactured the printer engines in
Japan and due to the lengthy lead times for engine construction, Hewlett-Packard was required to describe the specifications of the two types of printers at least fourteen weeks in advance. The incorrect predictions for the older printer models resulted in either an excess or a shortage of inventory. Those printers needed diverse power supplies and it was difficult to move items
across markets to be updated and sold as the processes required a wide range of supplies.
What are the costs and benefits of a universal power supply?
The universal power supply is a new product development that includes a next-generation network laser printer. This product will raise the organization's costs and benefits. The universal power supply will cost approximately $30 per device. Additionally, the company will incur marketing expenses. Costs associated with establishing the proper voltage and power supply for
the operation will also be incurred. While there are several expenses, there are also numerous benefits. These benefits include increased profit in less time, increased flexibility in responding to orders via the supply chain's universal power source, and zero reconfiguration costs.

How would such costs and benefits be different over the product life cycle?
Products have a natural lifecycle that follows the same patterns much like a human’s life cycle. Products go through periods of growth, maturity, and eventual decline when they are first released. The product life cycle is a well-known term and understanding how it works can help you determine pricing and business strategy. The costs and benefits of the universal power supply alter at different points of the life cycle in response to changes in demand, which
fluctuates at every stage of the life cycle.

Besides deciding on a universal power supply, what other operational improvements can you suggest to Hewlett-Packard Boise?
The Boise location could focus more on demand forecasting techniques for better operations. Another recommendation would be that they use a few more/new suppliers to supply the printer engines and fuser components necessary. This will allow for more healthy competition, which will in turn cut lead times and costs while also improving quality because of the nature of the company. It can also conduct a sales audit at the regional level to help reduce
stock out and the costs of transshipment.

What would be your recommendations about the adoption of a universal power supply?
Since organizations now operate on a global scale, Hewlett-Packard should incorporate the universal power supply into all its products because of the quick discovery and development in technology and science, as well as consumer characteristics in pursuing the newest technology and style, technology-based products have a shorter life cycle than other types of products. Due to the shorter innovation cycle of technology-based commodities such as mobile phones and computers the preceding generation becomes obsolete faster, both functionally and psychologically, than the subsequent generation (Gan et al., 2015). Though developments in the global marketplace there are signals by the presence of such a need in universal developments. As we have seen in this case study, Hewlett-Packard has implemented a $30 increase in pricing, with the possibility of more increases based on extra expenditures incurred along the road. However, the advantages of doing so can have a greater positive impact on the global marketplace. Hewlett-Packard can become more strategic and keep
its competitive advantage in the market by offering additional things as universal.
There are so many facing the battle postponement, delay, or procrastination. Yes, for products and companies like Hewlett-Packard this is and can be a good thing however in a personal or service-oriented atmosphere being on time is critical. When we need the cable man to come, we deal with a window of “they will be there between the hours of 8 and 2” but what if the voice said two and a half months? Could we wait? Would we wait? It has been over 2000 years since Jesus ascended into Heaven and gave us the comforter. How diligently have we been waiting? Look at the shape this world is in today. To defeat the enemy, we must work together as a unified group. The opponent is at our mercy, and we must demonstrate who is in charge. We know that the adversary is coming, but to defeat him, we must embrace love, compassion, and forgiveness. Jesus came to give us the strength to live victoriously. The hindrances must be stopped, and it is time to get busy with the work of the Kingdom of God.