Designing a Human Resource Strategy for a business

Discipline: Human Resources Management (HRM)

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: Other

Pages: 4 Words: 1100



After graduating last year you are now working as a HRM consultancy business and an entrepreneur has approached you to set up a new medium sized company with the intention to employ 200 staff.

You are required to write a report with detailed analysis and evaluation of how the business will be managed and organised from a HRM perspective.

You need to show how you apply the organisational behaviour concepts you have learnt on your degree course to the functioning of your company.

Challenges to factor in

The business will partly operate as part of the gig economy and there are restrictions to the staffing of the business in terms of contracts and managing a flexible workforce.

Another added dimension is the business needs to operate differently due to corona virus regulations. A number of staff will need to work from home and other staff will need to work in the new offices being built.

Key guidance

Using current research and theory you are required to write a 1000 word report ( +/- 10%) with the key aim to critically evaluate your HRM strategy. You may need to create any key documents you would use for your strategy and include these documents in the appendix of your report.

Theoretical ideas must be used in your analysis and evaluation with supporting evidence and references.

Therefore it is important to critically evaluate your HRM strategy (including the documents created) and be clear to why your strategy will be successful.

Some of the following areas below need to be considered as part of your HRM strategy;-

Soft or Hard HRM approach – plus explain the key functions of the HRM department to help the success of the business

Recruitment – Internal or external recruitment. How will staff retention work and talent management?

Organisational structure – How will this work? Type of structure?

Management and leadership style – which theoretical models to adopt and why will they help the development of the business? Advice on theoretical ideas which may not help?

Gig economy – challenges of managing this?

Re-designing the workplace due to corona virus – new ways of working? How will this work?

Methods of motivation – Non-financial and financial methods? Which motivation theories could help the business or which theoretical ideas may create problems?

How will teamwork and communication work in the business?