Decision, Evaluation, Reflection

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Academic Level: High school

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I am attaching the Decision, Evaluation, Reflection template to be used.
I am also attaching the case 11 sex and drugs.
I am attaching the 3 other papers that were written and the feedback on Kantian Ethics.

Module 7 Dropbox: Decision, Evaluation, Reflection

Note: This is the last of four critical thinking assignments. For a review of these assignments, view the video: Critical Thinking Assignments - Introduction (4:32)

This assignment builds upon the following assignments you submitted previously:

Module 4 Dropbox: Identification, Research, Analysis
Module 5 Dropbox: Application - Act Utilitarianism
Module 6 Dropbox: Application - Kantian Ethics
Be sure to review the feedback you received from those assignments, and make any necessary revisions BEFORE moving forward with this assignment.

Focusing on the same case as before, you will now complete the last three steps of the critical thinking process: 5) Decision, 6) Evaluation, and 7) Reflection.

View the tutorial: Critical Thinking Assignment - Decision, Evaluation, Reflection (10:40)

Review the case in the Ethics textbook Chapter 24: Case 11 Sex and Drugs. Download and save the Decision, Evaluation, Reflection Template document. Complete the sections of the document, as follows:

Decision (150 words minimum)

Consider the main ethical/moral issue you previously identified in Module 4. Answer that "should" question by stating the option you determined to be the wisest and most ethical. For example, The most ethical decision is for _____ to... Be impartial. Avoid any bias; do not express your own personal opinion; do not use the words, "I think" or "I feel." The decision should based upon your completion of the previous steps of the critical thinking process: 1) Identification, 2) Research, 3) Analysis, and 4) Application of Act Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics. Clearly justify and support your decision. For example, This decision is morally justified because... Discuss how the results of determining Net Utility and applying Universality and Respect-for-Persons informed your decision. A justification is needed - What would justify your decision to all of the stakeholders?

Evaluation (150 words minimum)

To evaluate your decision, play "devil's advocate." Think of some objections or arguments someone could make against your decision. List three potential objections to your decision, and then write a defense against each objection. Each defense should be based upon an ethical theory and/or logic. For example, if you determined that the most ethical decision is for Jack to report Jill's stealing to the boss, one objection might be, If Jack informs his boss, Jill might retaliate against him. A defense against that objection could be, Jack believes reporting misconduct is his moral duty, and, therefore, overrides any concern of possible retaliation. (Kantian Ethics)

Objection 1 -
For example, If Jack informs his boss, Jill might retaliate against him.

Defense -
For example, Jack believes telling the truth is his moral duty, and, therefore, overrides any concern of possible retaliation. (Kantian Ethics)

Objection 2 -

Defense -

Objection 3 -

Defense -

Reflection (150 words minimum)

Reflect on the critical thinking process and the steps involved. What do you think of the process? What did you learn from the process? Could it bring value to making decisions? Are there certain parts that you found more (or less) useful? Would you use it in the future? Would you use it, or parts of it, in your everyday life? What ethical principles do you rely on consistently? Do not write about the case itself, the decision you reached, or what you thought should or should not have happened relating to the case. Instead, reflect on the process of critical thinking, and how you feel about it.

Use the Decision, Evaluation, Reflection Rubric to help guide your completion of this assignment.

Note: You must submit to this Dropbox before you will be able to see the Module 7 Discussion: Decision, Evaluation, Reflection.

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Review your TurnItIn Report. View the Reviewing a TurnItIn Report tutorial. A Similarity of 20% and above is a "red flag." Resubmit if necessary.