Banks and new technologies

Discipline: English 101

Type of Paper: Other

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 4 Words: 1100


Description: For your final essay, I would like you to explore a controversial issue within your field of study, arguing for a potential change or solution to this issue. Consult the list below in order to help guide you and promote creative thinking; however, do not feel restricted to writing about one of the topics if you would prefer to explore another avenue that interests you:

Business: Should the minimum wage be increased?


· Before you begin your essay, you should choose which stance you will take on the topic (i.e., are you for the topic, against it, or some combination of both). Then, develop a strong, specific thesis that argues a specific claim about that topic (i.e., don't simply argue "I am for ______" or "I am against ______"). Remember that you must argue about a specific change that you want to see happen in order to rectify your issue.

· To help build the ethos and logos appeals of your argument, you will be required to use at least five sources in your essay. While you may reference sources like personal blogs or Wikipedia in your paper, three of your five sources must be more credible (e.g., articles and/or images from magazines, journals, or newspapers; books; government websites, etc.).

· Consider the audience of your essay. Will your reader be receptive to your argument, or will they be strongly opposed to your claims? Your audience's reaction to your thesis will determine a number of things in your writing, including structure, tone, and evidence. Also, keep in mind that while recognizing opposing viewpoints certainly lends credibility and ethos to your argument, you don't want to undermine your own claims. Give credit and acknowledgement to other opinions, but simultaneously reinforce your own ideas.

Assessment: Your grade will derive from your abilities to argue successfully your thesis using convincing evidence, specific details and examples, and pertinent outside sources, as well as to organize your thoughts in an effective and logical style to help your reader clearly understand your argument. Consult the Essay Rubric for a detailed list of the criteria that comprise A, B, C, D, and F essays.

Peer Reviews: When you bring in your typed rough draft on the day of peer review, you will trade your essay with a classmate so that you can both read each other's work and provide helpful, constructive criticism to one another. In addition, I will provide each of you with a worksheet to help guide you through the peer review process. Once you and your classmate have finished, you will trade back your essays so that you can each utilize the comments when revising for your final draft.

If you are unable to attend class on the day set aside for peer reviews, it is your responsibility to "make up" the peer review by contacting a classmate willing to review your essay outside of class, taking your essay to a tutor in the Writing Lab, or submitting it through You will not receive credit if a friend or family member reviews your paper. Also, keep in mind that even if you are absent for a peer review, you are still responsible for turning in your final draft on time. Papers turned in without being peer reviewed will be docked five points.

Extra Credit: If you would like to receive extra credit on your essay, all you need to do is take the time to have it reviewed outside of class! Simply make an appointment with the Academic Success Center or submit your essay through, and you will receive five (5) points added to your final essay grade. In order to prove that you went to one of these student resources, you must turn in either a) the reviewed essay with the ASC tutor's markings and signature or b) a printout of the feedback from the website. Just attach your materials to the peer review worksheet and in-class peer-reviewed essay that you will turn after the final draft due date.

Note: You cannot receive "double" extra credit if you choose to have your essay reviewed through both the ASC and (though, I would not discourage you from doing so). Also, remember that this extra credit is completely optional. There will be no penalty if you choose not to have your essay reviewed outside of our in-class peer review.

Requirements: You should submit a 1250 word essay (not counting the work cited page), typed and double-spaced (not counting the work cited page). Use Times New Roman font in 12-pt size. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines.